About me


I am Laura Manzoni, an italian  professional freelance translator  and I have been working in this field since 2012.  In 2017, I graduated from the SSML Carlo Bo of Milan, with a degree in Linguistic and cultural mediation sciences. I do technical and commercial translations, as well as o revision, post editing and video translation.

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                               My services


In particular, I do translations in the following areas:

  • Commercial: websites; newsletters; brochures;
    catalogues; company and product presentations.

  • Technical: maintenance and user manuals; technical
    sheets; tender technical specifications and documents. ​



Revision is the correction of translations, done by  looking out for translation errors, omissions, grammar and punctuation mistakes, typos; I also check if the style is appropriate, the terminology is correct, the text fluid and natural in the target language.



Post editing is the correction of texts translated with automatic translation programs.

                               Audio/video translations

I translate videos, by adding subtitles or a voiceover.











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